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Fat Tony's Blackjack
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Free Blackjack

Hi there. Come on in. This is Fat Tony's free blackjack section. Yeah, you can find a free blackjack game here, a pretty damn good one at that. You can also get a little low down on the whole idea of playing blackjack for free.

Let me put it to you like this. Blackjack isn't something you can find for free many places on this planet, and that's probably for a reason. It's a game the house uses to make money (big surprise), but the house knows it's a game of skill. This puts the house in a rather sticky position, and it puts Fat Tony right where he wants to be. The more you play blackjack, the better you get. The better you get, the less the casino likes you. The less the casino likes you, the better you're doing. That's how the world works boys and girls, take it from Tony.

Truth is, the casinos don't like the idea of free blackjack one bit. They probably hate the Internet for the subtle affect it's having on new players in Nevada (oh my, they might actually be informed?). That's part of the reason Fat Tony's now online - inform the masses, because Vegas can't fool all of the people all of the time, and I'm sure you prefer to be part of the small group who isn't fooled.

So practice your blackjack like crazy. Our free blackjack game has bankroll management built in that stays with you across your sessions, so you can use this game to test your strategies and systems. The more you practice the better you'll become, and the more money you'll make when you start to play for real, online or in Vegas.